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Infant Swimming Resource Registration Fee

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $105 paid directly to Infant Swimming Resource (NOT your instructor) to cover a comprehensive medical history check that you complete online when you register for classes. ISR’s staff of nurses and pediatric medical professionals review all the information in full to ensure  each individual child has lessons specially tailored to their individual needs.

Discounts do not apply to the ISR registration process and fees are $105.00 per child.

There is a $40 update fee per calendar year until the child reaches the age of 4.

Weekly Lesson Fees

Lesson Fees are $100 per week.  These are paid to your instructor Online, Sunday before classes or in Cash, Monday before class begins.

Available Discounts:  Sibling Discounts,  Discounts for First Responders & Military,  Discounts for Educators, Discounts for Health Care Professionals.


There are scholarship opportunities available for families in need.

A drowning can occur any season and at any age.  Give your child the tools, so they are prepared if the unthinkable happens.
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ISR is neither inexpensive nor convenient. It is easy to come up with all sorts of reasons NOT to do it. But the reason to find a way to just make it work - your child's safety - is a priceless one. You don't have to take our word for it - ask around on social media. Our swim families will be happy to share their experience!
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